Charms Enamel Rainbow Horse Pendant Necklace with Dangle Earrings Jewelry Sets (Silver)

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Charms Enamel Rainbow Horse Pendant Necklace with Dangle Earrings Jewelry Sets (Silver)

YINLI Brand is new but very exotic. Being in jewelry for about 10 years, the current trends must be the leading of our job.
As a new brand, we know we need to do a lot to grow. And we also realize that all the future will not go long without your support.
Therefore we pay a lot attention to after sales service.
Besides, the quality is the core of an item, we also put our main attention to the product development and quality enhancement.
We are humble to accept the suggestion from every consumer and we will take each advice in to consideration.
To make sure it will be much better, we have tested each before delivery.

Handmade Charms Rainbow Horse Earrings and Necklace Set ; Gold and Silver Plated / Light weight
BEAUTIFUL & ELEGANT: Charms Enamel Rainbow Horse Dangle Earrings and Necklace Jewelry Sets makes you eye catching ;Making you look nice and feminine

Weight: 1.0 oz/30g
Material:Alloy ;Pendant Size:2.16×1.53in/ Earrings Size:1.17×1.0in Chain Length:18.8+1.96in(extend)
Color: as the photo
Packaging: ribbon box packed. You can buy them as gift to the right ones directly.

Method of Jewelry Maintenance and Protection
1).Please don’t wear a long time. You should often replace your jewelry and avoid wearing a long time, especially in the hot summer.
2).Please do not touch with chemicals; otherwise, it will erode your jewelry.
3).Please try not to touch water and don’t wear it when you bathing and swimming. Otherwise, these are all damaged to your jewelry, and will affect its gloss.
4).Frequent cleaning is necessary. Please use a soft brush to wipe the surface of the accessory and remove its surface stains.

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