About Us

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About Us

It’s crazy…my wife and I are the type of people who love cooking but, more importantly, love cooking together! As wierd as it sounds, and without getting too graphic, it is our little way of foreplay and our way of being and staying intimate with eachother. More and more we have run into other couples, of all types, who share our passion for “making love” in the kitchen and it was due to this amazing trend that we decided we wanted to do something to help us share our passion with others as well as have others enjoy what we enjoy.


The Kitchen Gadget Geek is that something! It is a way for us to share all of those little kitchen gadgets and tools that we have fallen in love with with all of you. There is no doubt that our vision is a work in progress and that we encourage everyone who arrives here to offer their opinion and give us their thoughts. Good or bad, negative or positive – we love to hear people’s suggestions and ideas on how we can create an environment that we can all enjoy and help develop. So please, if you are so inclined drop us an email at you convenience and help us out!


All the best from both of us,


Greg and Vanessa


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